About Me

Why do people call you an Apostle?

The description has not been made up by me and given to myself. I believe that the Lord has named me as an apostle and He has given the heavenly authority too.
Years ago I used to serve as an evangelist at Karmel Church, Pécel. This church had grown to 300 people at that time, the time with many battles and victories. We were searching the will of God together with the elders of the church – these same people were also my colleagues in building Omega Network - and we felt we needed to step to a new level in order to grow.  As we studied together the word of God, it became our vision that in order to grow into a new land we need to take the next step which is releasing the apostolic ministry. Earlier we only had the pastoral ministry in the churches. Later on, the evangelist and teaching ministries were also accepted. But the apostolic and prophetic ministries were taboos at that time in the churches. So, it was a totally new scriptural vision and a discovery for us. 
God led us to go back to the original church leading form: where Christ is leading the church through ministry gifts on the basis of apostles and prophets. Not by democratic, dictatorial or by any other human ways. This is the order of God. We had studied the Scripture together for more than a year and these truths started to unfold for us and we begin to pray for prophets and apostles. This is how the elders recognised to send me out as an apostle.
I started to understand that God wanted to use me as an apostle. First I served as an evangelist and then I started to feel that the Holy Spirit is stretching my ministry and I began to teach more and more. There was also a prophetic period in my life, which was significant with many blessings and many conflicts. Afterwards, I was into a pastoral ministry and I felt that my ministry was continuously expanding. People asked me the question: “Who are you? If you have to be an evangelist, you are an evangelist. When you need to be a teacher, you are a teacher. What is your gift?” I didn’t really understand first, only later on, that God was forming an apostolic ministry in me. I received reassuring from people as well, especially from the elders around me. Our hearts and souls were one with them. After recognising the will of God, the elders decided to release me for the apostolic ministry and send me out, believing for new churches to come into being. My fatherly friend and mentor, Michael Magyar – who had always been a great help from God to me to become more mature in the ministry - was also there at the ceremony. Omega Network has grown from this delegacy. This is how I become an apostle.

Why do people call me and I call myself an apostle?
Regarding this, I had a significant experience of God. I was invited to minister in a rural church. I didn’t know the people there and I didn’t exactly know what kind of ministry they want from me. It turned out that a leadership team was waiting for me to minister to them. As we started the meeting with worshipping God, a strong prophetic anointing rested on me. I asked the leader if I had the opportunity to prophecy to the people. He allowed me to do that and I began to pray for the people laying my hands on them and prophecy very specifically. Afterwards, I was a little nervous about the feedback because I had said very concrete messages.  While I was praying for the people I had an experience; I heard a powerful voice of man saying: “From now on I am going to use you as an apostle.” At that moment I could see God’s plan for that church. Where it comes from, where it is going and God’s will for the church. The feedbacks from the church and from the pastor were equally positive. They needed everything they had heard and they said those prophecies came from God. And what I prophesied about the church was exactly the way they started to step on. Through this experience, God put one more seal on my heart that He wants to use me as an apostle.
I don’t consider the apostolic ministry very special. I look at it as a bigger than an average responsibility, bigger challenge, carrying bigger burdens and accountability before God. I don’t consider it as a privileged ministry gift. So, people call me apostle very naturally inside of Omega Network.
It is very important to me for all churches to consider this ministry gift as natural as all the other gifts.

What do you do in a week? What are your tasks?

I live a relatively disciplined but a very active life. On Mondays we have office days where I meet my colleagues and we talk about the tasks we need to manage during the week.
Tuesday is my family day. I try to make it a day off, when I deal with family issues together with my wife and in the evening I play football with the pastors, elders and young people.
On Wednesdays I usually pray and fast, spend time with God and study the Bible. From Thursday to Sunday night I actively serve (visit churches and church-plantings, teach, mentor, teach leaders, preach the Gospel, lead services, and so on) in different churches throughout the country. There are church-plantings I visit regularly. These are particularly important for me.
On Saturdays I often teach at one of our Bible trainings. When churches invite me outside of Omega, I go and build the Kingdom of God this way too. These occasions are about 15-20 % of my ministry. I try to keep this proportion and I consider it important to share what we have with the wider Church of God. This is how my weeks look like. Of course they vary.

What does it mean practically to lead the Network? What works does it include?

First of all, it is a great responsibility to lead the Network. There are about 800 people belong to Omega Network, so the work accompanies burden, joy and challenges. Leading of the Network means to lead the closer and wider apostolic team, the pastors and the churches. Different ministry fields are being formed now. These fields have partly been existing, but we would like to conquer a wider area. For example, children and youth ministry, media, etc. Besides all these, significant part of my work is the training, encouraging and teaching of leaders, the communication with them and helping in solving problems.  Managing the programs of the Network is also a vital part of leadership. Events like our joint meetings where great amount of spiritual and practical work takes place behind the scenes.  Furthermore, the leadership meetings, the two-day retreats for leaders, are all require a lot of preparation, as we don’t want to supply basic teachings to them, but deep and substantial vision coverage. It means a collaborative Scriptural study with the leaders.
The visitation and encouragement of churches are also part of the leadership work, and it may also include the biblical problem solving in some cases.
One of the most important responsibilities of leading the Network is that we would all go following the vision from God. The Network should remain in the God-given vision and we also need to search the Lord for the next steps to go.

How do you prepare for ministering?

The preparation takes place when I go and spend time with God. The basic part is the regular Bible study, prayer and search for the will of God. I look for the opportunity each week to spend a longer period of time with the Lord and study the Bible. Sometimes it is happening spontaneously, sometimes purposely and sometimes I spend hours working out different topics. In addition, I retreat once a month for 2 or 3 days. This is the time when no one can reach me, neither my wife. At these occasions I travel to a region of Hungary where I pray and fast for that specific region and I study the Scripture in a deeper way and prepare for ministering.

Have you been travelled a lot? Where have you been? What experiences have you gained throughout your trips?

I have always been longed for seeing the World. This wish has come true. I usually didn’t pay for my trips, God provided for them. God has blessed me with conference invitations and study trips which were really useful for me. I am particularly grateful for my friend, Michael Magyar, who has invited me several times to trips like these. There was an occasion where brother Kevin Conner held a one week seminar only for the two of us in Australia. We could also gain experiences by visiting the greater churches of Australia such as Hillsong Church. In Brazil, when we visited Judson Oliveira, we were also visiting different churches.
We held a sailing retreat with the apostolic team, where we were able to not only relax but build relationships. My wife and I were invited to private trips and I am really grateful for those people who nobly supplied the financial background for those trips. As a result, by the grace of God, I have been to almost all continents of the world and my vision has widened. I have been to many churches and seen many things and I have stored the good things in me.  
People’s mindset can considerably widen by travelling throughout the World. I have been blessed by this and I hope that the future also holds trips for me. Travelling can truly relax people and take out from the everyday treadmill.
In addition to it, we try to go on vacation each year with the family too. And we also have decided with my wife to spend 2 or 3 days together, only the two of us, each year. These times are always memorable experiences; either domestic or abroad is the place where we go.  One of the most memorable trips was on our 10th anniversary, when we were able to travel around Australia and Asia for three weeks. The trip was a gift from a brother. Every day we woke up in a different town. It was one of our best trips ever with my wife.  

How can you have time for the family besides your ministry?

I am a full time minister; therefore I can manage my time flexible.
I definitely aim to keep balance between spending time with the Lord, my wife, the kids, the family, works to do at home and church ministry. If someone visits us, he can see that both our house and our souls are in order. I try to spend enough time with my family. When I am at home, I want to spend quality time with them. As my kids are teenagers, it is important to spend time with them, but they are getting independent, so we can spend more and more time together in ministry with my wife. We go to visit churches together more often than before. Since the office of the Network moved to our house, Eva is actively taking part in managing and organizing the work of the Network, and providing administrative and practical assistance. This is a great help for me and she can also see through my work. I am happy to spend more and more time together as we travel to churches, we surely complement each other.

How do you relax?

This is a very important question. I live an active life. When I do something, I do it 100%. Despite my active personality, I learned to relax. Relaxing primarily means to spend time with my family and wife. We often go for a walk in the city with my wife. We like Budapest and  have discovered positive changes in there. There are many walking streets and places where we like to be. This is relaxing for me and it is also building our relationship. Physical work is also a way of relaxation for me, as I usually do mental and spiritual work and my physical body is not stressed. I like gardening in our large yard. And sport is the activity which can absolutely relax me. I play tennis, football, badminton, table tennis and I ride bicycle. Ball sports are my favourites. I regularly play football with teams from the churches. Time spent with active sport makes me well tired but refreshed. It is relieving and freshening my soul and spirit.

Finally, one more very important question to ask for those who do not know the answer yet: What is your favourite food?

It is a good question. I eat everything; you may see it when you look at me. I eat everything with thanksgiving, except seafood and insects. And you have to know that I like desert a lot. I also like the traditional Hungarian cuisine and salad and fruits as well. When I visit churches – and I visit churches very often – people are very hospital and want to serve me the best foods. This is temptation for me, I have to be self-denying.

Where do you go to minister next, where can we see you?

The places where I minister can be seen under the item ‘ministry locations’ (Szolgálati helyszínek). We update it regularly and the places where I minister can be seen for the next one and half month.  You are welcome to come and meet me at any of these locations. In addition, if you have testimonies or questions regarding my ministry, please feel free to write to me.  Through this blog you have the opportunity to write to me directly and I will reply. And it is also possible to share testimonies. I encourage everyone to do it.

Thank you very much.